Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Nigerian Celebrities Photos: Fashion Statements 1

These Nigerian Celebrity photo's are dope! Right?

Okay that's it!

You can add those to your fashion catalog. 

 Anna Ebiere Celebrates Daughter's 2nd Birthday 

Family of Four Dies From Fumes in Kogi

Family of four die from fumes from a generator put inside their toilet in Kogi .
The decomposing bodies of a man, his wife and two children have been discovered in their building in Obajana, Kogi State. The man was identified as Mr. John Oluwasegun Ayodele. .
The family of four was suspected to have been killed by fumes from a generator mounted in the house. The late Ayodele was reported to have been last seen on Friday, July 28, 2017.  Apprehension reportedly set in when the deceased was not seen by his neighbours the following day. .
Tension heightened over his continued absence till Saturday evening, with calls to his mobile phone unanswered.  His cousin, Richard Asaje, said the family had gone to check on him at home following the stench that was emanating from Ayodele’s house. .
Consequently, policemen from Obajana Division were alerted and when the door was forced open, the decomposing bodies were discovered.  Asaje explained that the generator fume was suspected as the cause of death. .
“The incident happened between Friday and Saturday. It should be around 12am of Saturday. He put a generator inside his toilet and locked the door. The house is a concrete building and it was discovered that he locked the window."

Anna Ebiere Celebrates Daughter's 2nd Birthday

Nigerian Celebrity Flavour is a lucky dude, a fact that is undisputed when it comes to the beauty of his daughters.

Today is for him and Anna Ebiere a special day as their baby girl Sofia Ikoli in 2 years today.
 Your Present Day Nigerian Celebrity Homosexual 

She be as lovely as an Angel on a mission to make our hearts giggle with innocent excitement.

Her caught up in the moment and actually enjoying the hours, had this writeup just for Sofia.

My Happy Child❤️.

You're my Angel from Above!
You've made my life complete!
Your existence is supernatural 💫
Thank you for making me a Mother💝
Your love for me is beyond understanding💥

Our bond is extremely extraordinary🔥💝
Thank you Heavenly Father for adding one more year to my dear daughter's life🙏
Words cannot explain how thankful I am💃🏻

Wisdom, understanding, love, Grace, Favour, Blessing, peace, Knowledge, Laughter, unmerited Favour, Joy and Happiness  shall never depart from you my Dearest SOFIA OKOLI❤️


You Shall Not Miss Your Allocation This Month-Eucharia Anunobi

For most people the Nigerian celebrity actress Eucharia Anunobi just went off the movie screen and straight into retirement but they don't know is, she is now a pastor..

I think she qualifies to be addressed as a "Nigerian Celebrity Pastor". Anyways here is what she has for you in the form of a sermon, the beginning of this new month..


Hear this : most often we are struggling in life because we have failed to see ( spiritually blinded )  realise that our allocation may not be where we are located .

If you have been working and there is nothing tangible to show for it , why are you still there ?

You're in a relationship for three months and you can't tell whether , it's leading to marriage , what are you waiting for ?

You're in a church and you can't comfortably say , you're growing to know Jesus better , why are still there marking time ?

You're married and you feel your wife / husband isn't romantic , instead of complaining , call your spouse and talk things over . Teach each other what and how you like it . Instead of getting involved in illicit relationship .

So you don't have a child or children yet after years of getting married , is there anything stopping you from adopting ? Are  you carrying the children to heaven ? God is not interested in how many biological children you have but in how many souls you made their lives better and told about Jesus Christ .

Hosea 4 : 6a : says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . .
I prophesy , you shall not miss your allocation this August . May the Lord uproot and place you where you should be .
May your story turn around this month and may you be a show piece of God's glory .

By the way , what is keeping you from giving your life to Jesus Christ ? Beloved ones , now is that time .
Lots of love and peace always in Jesus name .

Monday, 31 July 2017

Your Present Day Nigerian Celebrity Homosexual

Your present day Nigerian Celebrity Homosexual is way different from the gay celebs in the Western World.

There are on the outside everything an heterosexual male should be and look like. They are tough and the perfect ladies man.

In other words, a Nigerian celebrity homosexual person is in constant hiding, afraid to tell the world the truth.

Truth about their sexuality!

 The Different Fashion Sense Of Nigerian Celebrity Jim Iyke 

The craziest extent ever taken by a queer Nigerian celebrity (to display homosexual qualities ) is becoming a drag queen. A fact that can be seen in the quarters of Denrele and co.

But never has a complete Nigerian celebrity come out into the open and boldly   say "I am gay, take me as I am".

When that happens, only then can we truly point our fingers to an actual target.

Without a personal ownership to being gay, no one can correctly call anyone gay (little wonder why people are still confused about Denrele).

What is known and referred to as *Nigerian Celebrity homosexual" is a reality without any actual face to it.

Of course! There are Nigerian Celebrity homosexuals out there, right in the heart of Nollywood but that's just it.

They exist in there and operate by various ingenious devices to keep their true image from public eyes.

People know them!

But not everyone is eager to cause such great discomfort to another just because of differences in sexual preference.

 Nigerian Celebrity Seun Kuti Fires Another Shot 

Some are your favorite Nigerian Celebrities! Living double lives: one in the open and another in the closet.

Now the big question is.


The Different Fashion Sense Of Nigerian Celebrity Jim Iyke

If you know something about the Nigerian Celebrity Jim Iyke then it must be his dress sense.

That's that aspect of him that needs no introduction or explanation. It's just there for all to see.

He is currently on a tour in Europe and with the amount of photos popping up on his Instagram page.

It is clear that the brother is having a swell time.

The idea is simply to showcase the different appealing fashion statement Jim Iyke has made in the past few days.

Hopefully maybe you might get an inspiration or two.

Gotten any fashion tip yet? Look again.

I Go Dye Begs Nigerian Politicians

In the hearts of many Nigerians, Buhari and the APC political structure was the biggest mistake ever made.

And while a lot of Nigerians are still gullible as ever the majority of us are already calling a spade a spade.

Nigerian celebrities like I Go Dye are already up with social media messages decrying the current political helplessness in the country.

According to him.

Pray for Buhari, top goverment official stop visiting Mr president in London, National Assembly go and visit Benin Ore road.

I kindly  make this passionate appeal to Nigerians, that president Buhari should be left to rest.No body can question or decide Who should get ill?

This is a divine Manifestation,that only God can answer.Since he willing handed over power to the Vice president as stipulated by the constitution,l recommend that the National house of assembly should  as a matter of urgency be delegating the various house committees to address and pass legislations that will make it mandatory for all states to provide standard world class hospitals to meet international standard and provide quality services to the ordinary Nigerians .

I strongly advise that Nigerians top goverment  official  should stop visiting the president in London,since he is certified to  be alive.The report that National assembly members wants to visit him is totally irrelevant.

They should visit our federal roads that has taken many lives,the Benin Abuja road,eastern roads Benin Ore road and many others,most importantly  visit the stranded children and families in the north east, our public hospitals without Dialysis equipment and non functioning emergency and accident units.our child mortality rate is among the highest in the world,today our higher institutions are  rated  sub-standard; that should be their primary concern.pass legislations to create social welfare for youths to curb kidnaping,terrorism and militancy.this should be a time for sober reflection as a nation and not glamorizing an Unfortunate situation. many Nigeria's are faced with health issues in the  public hospitals  and they can't afford medical trips abroad,security issues,unemployment and hunger .that should be their priority,set up legislations to improve our standard of living.i kindly request that president Buhari should be allowed to rest,health issues are not for jamborees',let alone to be use for political point.no body knows who is next?may God protect Mr president, #prayforbuhari grant us all good health and bless our Nation Nigeria.

For Nigerian Celebrity Paul Psquare, Its All About Levels

Okay! We know wealth is for a lot of humans the ultimate blessing. Looking at that pictures, one could easily spot the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote.

The others are also folks with accounts holding some serious digits. It is a wealthy picture when looked at from the calibre of men in it.

And Paul Psquare knows this and has this to say about the matter.

While some of us are busy hating, fighting each other, distracted by all these social media elements,looking for likes,comments and followers🤔 slay queens creating clicks 🙄as if they are vampire slayers? Guys creating gangs and dudes 🙄 as if they cool and da gang? While some black people are turning to white,like Japanese ghost and some men turning to women🙄......me I won't be distracted ohh... me am looking for people that will join me in this type of picture in the next 10yrs .... pls ohh i don't want to be alone in this type of picture 🤔 🚶🏿 let me come and be going🚶🏿#rudicallyspeaking

Nigerian Celebrity Rapper Eva Looking For Makeup Artists

For those of you who might not know, Nigerian Celebrity Eva Alordiah is an accomplished makeup artist and she is currently looking for talented makeup artists.

According to her.
I am currently scouting for Talented upcoming Makeup Artists to join my Glam Squad and work with me at @makeupbyorsela
This is an opportunity to learn from me first hand and go on the road with my team!
Please tag all of your Friends who do and love Makeup! Males and Females
Interested upcoming MUAs: please go to SkillSearch.com.ng immediately and upload your Works in Portfolios. Only choosing the Best 4 via Random selection.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

God tailored my  entirety for one entity; ME- Jim Iyke

It seems Nigerian Celebrity actor Jim Iyke be feeling himself like madt and thus decided to lecture us on...what exactly?


Whether I'm rocking an overpriced jacket on the streets of champs elysees or rocking rubber flip flops soaking up the adulation of the street in the slums of kibera, it matters none. Unshaven for weeks with morning breathe rocking a palm oil stained old tee telling bad jokes with my sisters in my man cave or well groomed in handmade rare leather loafers makes no difference. It changes nothing. 

I am the confluence of global cultural diversity. I've meticulously and resiliently self tutored its complexity into my DNA by trial and error. The originality is singular only the substance is duplicable. God tailored my  entirety for one entity; ME. 

It's a comprise far from not only what you wear. It is how you think. Your principles. Your choices; costs and effects. Your idiosyncrasy. It's in the roots imbibed by the man that sired you and men that mentored you. 

Everything else around me is an Accessory. I am the essence. I give it life. 
No brand, address, tribe, race, religion, creed, or ideology can define me. God created me this way eternities before my birth. 

I cannot pretend to be anything else even if I wanted to. I've tried and failed woefully in the past. I am ridiculously comfortable and apt being me. Rules become inapplicable, even redundant. It's an attitude. A way of life. 

Perception is the window. It's orchestrated conditioning to misinform you by disinforming you. Find your purpose and be informed. It is your open weapon. 

I know people with $100 dollars budget walk into a room and everything stand still. I've seen people with $100k budget that make it look like a painful process and what is more cant hold a convo with a smart 8 year old. 

It can't be bought. It is and will always be priceless. 

Once you've figured out this truth, you will strive for a reach beyond your grasp. A consciousness and profound understanding of self. It is the mastery of your space. Your individuality. Your flair. It's in all of us whether dormant or dominant. 
Find it. Train it. Fail it. Win it. Own it. Ostracize it. 

This is STYLE. This is how I understand it. 
Now how friggin DOPE is that!! #StylePiper #ParisChronicles

Nigerian Celebrity Seun Kuti Fires Another Shot

If at all you know Fela, then you must also be aware of his sons, most especially Seun Kuti who is almost a replica of Fela.

Like Fela his lone voice can be heard in the wilderness, crying for justice and equality in a Nigeria that has gone mad!

And today he fires yet another such shot and these are his exact words.

All these people keep saying 'IF FELA WAS STILL ALIVE' like they are ready, I say 'WHEN FELA WAS ALIVE NKO?' Fela wasn't a soothsayer! Those things were happening then as it is now but y'all had good jobs and most especially u had your youth, thinking you were gonna be the big man, it will be your turn. Well sorry u are among the 90 percent of us that must fail in every generation to keep these elites fed fat on our blood and sweat but still, Are you listening now? RESIST!!!! #lifeondroad #struggletour

Lovers And Sinners By Emem Isong

Nigerian Celebrity movie producer Emem Isong has concluded yet another movie project and in her own words:

"And we finally wrapped on the set of @_loversandsinners_ after six gruelling weeks of intense filming. Shout out to my 3 leading ladies @matildaobasekimozia @annaebiere and @ruthnkweti who were smoking hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in the potrayal of their roles. Styled by @enthystfashionklinik and make up by @mz_gloria and @divabell_concepts.Thank you  to all the cast and crew members who worked tirelessly day and night to see this to the end.  Watch out for this one LOVERS AND SINNERS. #tvseries #royalartsacademy #royalartstv #royalartsentertainmentnetwork
Photo credit @debbinphotography"

Between 2Face Idibia And Banky W Who Rocks It Better?

These two Nigerian Celebrities are the most handsome bald celebrities in the industry.

But have you ever wondered how altered their looks would become with some hair attached to their head?

One of the outcome is what you are seeing right there.

But who do you think rock it better?
 These Nigerian Celebrities Are Currently Flexing London (photos)  

Saturday, 22 July 2017

These Nigerian Celebrities Are Currently Flexing London (photos)

These Nigerian Celebrities are at the moment somewhere in London having a swell time.

And the reason for the trip is not because of a movie shoot or a modelling runway. But because of a wedding party of some peeps over there.

Use eyes see them!.
 Nigerian Celebrity Banky W Fitter Than Ever 

If you look well you should be able to spot Oge Okoye Alex Ekubo and IK Ogbonna.

Nigerian Celebrity Banky W Fitter Than Ever

Nigerian Celebrity Banky W is now a married man and it seems he is very concerned with taking care of things ..

One of which is his health.

We have all seen Banky W in the gym before. And we have all noticed the progress bars were quite slow.

But now all that has changed. Which means his wife Adesua Etomi is really a contributive partner.

Since her arrival the brother has been spotting some real changes. Eg. Confidently exposing his bald head  and actually looking fit.

A good development indeed! Nigerian Celebrity Adesua Etomi Is Falling 

Nigerian Celebrity Adesua Etomi Is Falling

Before you get confused with the  falling thing. This is what the caption and magazine cover really means.

In her words!
Taking These Characters And Breathing Life Into Them Has Got To Be One Of My Favourite Things About Being An Actor. Tonight, If You Haven't Met Her Yet, Please Tune In To @EbonyLifeTv At 9pm WAT/10Pm CAT To Meet Muna, A Woman Who Is In An Impossible Situation And Must Make A Difficult Choice.
Directed by @niyi_akinmolayan
Produced by @uduakisong1

Its a movie! Nigerian Celebrity Tekno Currently On Set (Photos) 

Nigerian Celebrity Tekno Currently On Set (Photos)

Nigerian Celebrity Tekno is currently on set. And according to a birdie, the video is for the song "Go".

Check out some of the pics we were able to lay our hands on.

 And The Reigning Nigerian Celebrity Couple Is 

Tekno and women sha!

And The Reigning Nigerian Celebrity Couple Is

When Nigerian Celebrity Banky W made news with his intention to wife Adesua Etomi, all I could think about was the movie wedding Party.

It was just too unreal but even reality can be stranger than fiction.

Long story short! They are now married and with each passing day they keeping portraying the best Nigerian Celebrity couple as if it they are playing to a movie script.

 Its Helen Paul 

But we are not complaining. They look good together and a sight to behold that is almost inspiring.

Personally I believe all good things should last. Marriage and love is a good thing and thus we pray for the best for this magnificent Nigerian Celebrity Couple.

Its Helen Paul

I like fine faces. Especially when they belong to the fair folks. And Helen Paul's face on these pics is just damn beautiful.

And since I like fine faces I decided to make a post of it so others like myself can see what beauty did to the face of this Nigerian Celebrity.

She fine abi?

Apart from the beauty of her face, what do you think about the beauty of what she is putting on?

 Nigerian Celebrity Terry G Looking... 

She fine joor! See softness like a well dressed pork meat with all the needed spices. Lol!

Nigerian Celebrity Terry G Looking...

To be a Nigerian Celebrity is to look Good all day long. To maintain a freshness that is almost dramatic.

And it seems that Terry G despite his normal gragra in his songs and lyrics can actually look good in a manner as soft as this.

But what do you think?

Is his dressing on or off point?..

Terry G falls into that group of Nigerian Celebrities that can never dress to my satisfaction but these photos are quite the looker. Neat!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I score him 5.

But that is my own opinion. What's yours?

 Nigerian Celebrity 2face Idibia's Facts