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Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Nigerian Celebrity That Is Every Inch An Icon

  Felix Brambaifa       Saturday, 22 July 2017
2face Idibia

A Nigerian celebrity that has earned the right to be categorized as an icon is no other person but 2face Idibia.

He is every  inch a musical icon that has even surpassed the levels of most that came before him.

Growing up in Lagos meant i was among those privileged Nigerians who saw the emergence of 2face Idibia through his former group Plantashun Bois.

Which was also comprised of Black Face and Faze. Three musical brothers that were all uniquely talented.

A lot has happened since then and since then 2face Idibia has made musical achievements that would set him apart and endear him not just to Nigeria but Africa at large.

2face Idibia is that Nigerian celebrity that needs no introduction and above all, is still musically relevant till this very point.

 Not All Nigerian Celebrities Were Born Rich 

As a Nigerian Celebrity 2face Idibia has shown that an average Nigerian can become anything as long as they would struggle through the hard times, with their dreams always in front of them.

As a Nigerian celebrity he has shown us that one can still be alive and attain *icon* status.

I think there is none like him at the moment. There is no comparison or substitution when it comes to 2face Idibia.

He is on a space entirely his own. But then isn't that the case with icons?


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