Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nigerian Celebrity Seun Kuti Fires Another Shot

If at all you know Fela, then you must also be aware of his sons, most especially Seun Kuti who is almost a replica of Fela.

Like Fela his lone voice can be heard in the wilderness, crying for justice and equality in a Nigeria that has gone mad!

And today he fires yet another such shot and these are his exact words.

All these people keep saying 'IF FELA WAS STILL ALIVE' like they are ready, I say 'WHEN FELA WAS ALIVE NKO?' Fela wasn't a soothsayer! Those things were happening then as it is now but y'all had good jobs and most especially u had your youth, thinking you were gonna be the big man, it will be your turn. Well sorry u are among the 90 percent of us that must fail in every generation to keep these elites fed fat on our blood and sweat but still, Are you listening now? RESIST!!!! #lifeondroad #struggletour

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