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Friday, 21 July 2017

Not All Nigerian Celebrities Were Born Rich

  Felix Brambaifa       Friday, 21 July 2017

A lot of Nigerian celebrities are products of hardship. The life they were born into would for many of them serve as the primary motivation to succeed in life.

It was never just about the passion for entertainment. Or the need to just express their gift to the world.

A lot of them were born POOR! And it was the need to escape the brutality of their situation that spurred them into the entertainment world.

So do not be deceived by the current splendor of your favorite Nigerian Celebrity. Beneath that pomp exist a Nigerian fighting to never again become poor.

Some of these Nigerian Celebrities as a result have become a living testament of  modern day generosity.

The act of alms giving and charity has become for them an habitual duty. And because they have felt poverty it is easy for them to actually feel the pains of their many beneficiaries.

In fact when it comes to generosity, Nigerian Celebrities are more involved than any other influential social strata in Nigeria.

Personally I believe that you cannot remove generosity from the duties of a Nigerian Celebrity.

Because after all, entertainment is people centered and without the people there would be no Nigerian Celebrity.

While it is nice to enjoy the support of the people, it is also nice to render support to the less privilege among them.

If you are a Nigerian Celebrity out there, do remember to do good.


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