Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Nigerian Celebrities Photos: Fashion Statements 1

These Nigerian Celebrity photo's are dope! Right?

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 Anna Ebiere Celebrates Daughter's 2nd Birthday 

Family of Four Dies From Fumes in Kogi

Family of four die from fumes from a generator put inside their toilet in Kogi .
The decomposing bodies of a man, his wife and two children have been discovered in their building in Obajana, Kogi State. The man was identified as Mr. John Oluwasegun Ayodele. .
The family of four was suspected to have been killed by fumes from a generator mounted in the house. The late Ayodele was reported to have been last seen on Friday, July 28, 2017.  Apprehension reportedly set in when the deceased was not seen by his neighbours the following day. .
Tension heightened over his continued absence till Saturday evening, with calls to his mobile phone unanswered.  His cousin, Richard Asaje, said the family had gone to check on him at home following the stench that was emanating from Ayodele’s house. .
Consequently, policemen from Obajana Division were alerted and when the door was forced open, the decomposing bodies were discovered.  Asaje explained that the generator fume was suspected as the cause of death. .
“The incident happened between Friday and Saturday. It should be around 12am of Saturday. He put a generator inside his toilet and locked the door. The house is a concrete building and it was discovered that he locked the window."

Anna Ebiere Celebrates Daughter's 2nd Birthday

Nigerian Celebrity Flavour is a lucky dude, a fact that is undisputed when it comes to the beauty of his daughters.

Today is for him and Anna Ebiere a special day as their baby girl Sofia Ikoli in 2 years today.
 Your Present Day Nigerian Celebrity Homosexual 

She be as lovely as an Angel on a mission to make our hearts giggle with innocent excitement.

Her caught up in the moment and actually enjoying the hours, had this writeup just for Sofia.

My Happy Child❤️.

You're my Angel from Above!
You've made my life complete!
Your existence is supernatural 💫
Thank you for making me a Mother💝
Your love for me is beyond understanding💥

Our bond is extremely extraordinary🔥💝
Thank you Heavenly Father for adding one more year to my dear daughter's life🙏
Words cannot explain how thankful I am💃🏻

Wisdom, understanding, love, Grace, Favour, Blessing, peace, Knowledge, Laughter, unmerited Favour, Joy and Happiness  shall never depart from you my Dearest SOFIA OKOLI❤️


You Shall Not Miss Your Allocation This Month-Eucharia Anunobi

For most people the Nigerian celebrity actress Eucharia Anunobi just went off the movie screen and straight into retirement but they don't know is, she is now a pastor..

I think she qualifies to be addressed as a "Nigerian Celebrity Pastor". Anyways here is what she has for you in the form of a sermon, the beginning of this new month..


Hear this : most often we are struggling in life because we have failed to see ( spiritually blinded )  realise that our allocation may not be where we are located .

If you have been working and there is nothing tangible to show for it , why are you still there ?

You're in a relationship for three months and you can't tell whether , it's leading to marriage , what are you waiting for ?

You're in a church and you can't comfortably say , you're growing to know Jesus better , why are still there marking time ?

You're married and you feel your wife / husband isn't romantic , instead of complaining , call your spouse and talk things over . Teach each other what and how you like it . Instead of getting involved in illicit relationship .

So you don't have a child or children yet after years of getting married , is there anything stopping you from adopting ? Are  you carrying the children to heaven ? God is not interested in how many biological children you have but in how many souls you made their lives better and told about Jesus Christ .

Hosea 4 : 6a : says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . .
I prophesy , you shall not miss your allocation this August . May the Lord uproot and place you where you should be .
May your story turn around this month and may you be a show piece of God's glory .

By the way , what is keeping you from giving your life to Jesus Christ ? Beloved ones , now is that time .
Lots of love and peace always in Jesus name .