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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Nigerian Celebrity: Becoming One Of Them

  Natural Health News       Sunday, 8 October 2017

Becoming a Nigerian celebrity is more than a dream come through. For most Nigerians, it is finally becoming top of the class.

Getting known is a human desire that is almost universal. Obscurity as an opposite is a frightful reality that personally, I think no one should have any business with.

Becoming a Nigerian Celebrity is a stem sprouting out from this desire to get known.

It is when people know us and what we stand for, that we actually may have began the journey of being socially relevant to our society.

No wonder within every Nigerian exist the natural quest to become relevant to the point where we are worth mentioning in unexpected circles

Daniel Diongoli popularly known as Idyl, the winner of The Voice Nigeria season 2 is the latest Nigerian Celebrity in town.

And what his story tells us is that to become a Nigerian Celebrity is to become the best in whatever you do.

Become the best and people will celebrate you. And because they celebrate you, you automatically become a celebrity.

When we are celebrated it means we are known. And when we are known all over Nigeria, it means that you are a Nigerian celebrated nationally.

And that's it.

Become the best in what you do. Wait or rather make effort to be noticed and once people starts responding to your craft or story, the rest is history.

To all Nigerians out there!

Keep dreaming!


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