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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nigerian Celebrity Seun Kuti Speaks On Political Resistance

  Felix Brambaifa       Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nigerian Celebrity Seun Kuti Speaks On Political Resistance

POLITICAL RESISTANCE*: This form of resistance is such that aims at resisting against all elements of political enslavement and undervedevelopment which promotes confusion and deepens poverty amongst the Motherland masses which seize the opportunity of the moment to politically exploit our people both nationally or internationally.

We will always be surprised and disappointed by the actions of our (mis)leaders because we begin to reason from these two false premises: - The first is that those we elect are naturally good and reasonable men fit to govern us. - The second is that giving people power over us will transfer our reality for the better.

Nothing is farther from the truth. When power and governance have their genesis in deceit and corruption nothing but these two can come out of it. - Every attempt is made to keep the governed under subjugation of the will of those in power.
- As for the young being the catalyst for change, that is true, but such movements are orchestrated by devious and corrupt leaders behind the scenes. Even when they place these seemingly honest and purist persons in power, they succeed in changing them to conform to the existing status quo. If they refuse, they organize their overthrow or assassination.

For Political Resistance to make wave in Motherland and Nigeria particularly, we need to begin to check the excesses of our political class and business elites. Whilst we can protest all we want for the wrong deed by these ruling class, the deed has already been done and our oppression is from the top and our opporessors are united at the top, so they will always find a compromise amognst themselves that leave us in the wind. -

Political Resistance has to be our own ability as well to resist, we also as a people must forget to protest and resist- whilst protest takes weeks, resistance takes life time. We must be willing to sacrifice our time and resources in order to counter the enemy of our political advancement. -

In order words, if we as a people do not see politics as our business and foremost interests, the resistance of our political class as our national duty then we would never have the representation that we desire/want.


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