10 Ways To Last Longer In Bed


10 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

How to last longer is a perennial question. A question every man would one day have to ask.

A question his heart would desperately seek answers to, especially when his and stamina must have failed him countless times.

But you don’t have to wait for that to happen.

To know is every man’s right.

It is the sun that empowers the kal-El between our legs as men.

So how do we go about lasting longer in bed?

Just read on!

1. Squeezing
This method is quite effective, all you have to do (or your partner) is to give a lending hand to the penis right before its climaxes.

Just at that moment before the man actually releases, himself or his partner should just reach out to his penis give it a squeeze below the shaft.

And that’s all. The squeeze would cause the Erection to weaken for a bit and cease blood flow for the moment.

Which would then prevent premature ejaculation.

2. Masturbation
Seriously I don’t recommend masturbation at all because it becomes addictive after a while and also leads to .

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Masturbation before sex helps a man last longer in bed according to the actual fact he had earlier ejaculated an hour or so before the actual thing.

Which gives him the chance to gradually build up arousal again but this time without the usual rush to get satisfaction.

With his chambers already empty, he is able to go down the slow and intimate path without arriving at the destination too early.

3. Change Sex Position
After a while of having the positions, doing the same things in bed, the body becomes accustomed to it.

In other words the body knows what to expect and in fact makes it happen just like the many times before.

But if you spice up things a bit, you can keep the body guessing and that would lead you to last longer in bed.

The new positions would distract the body from its usual goal to climax.

4. Do Kegel To las Longer In Bed
Have you heard of kegel before? It is also often referred to as the pelvic floor exercise.

It is about the PC muscles ( pubococcygeus muscle) and exercising it can help a man control  orgasm spasm.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise

1. Increases erectile duration and strength
2. Cures Premature Ejaculation
3. Helps in The Mastering of Multiple Orgasms

So get yourself involve in any of the Kegel Exercises

5. Shallow Penetration To Last longer in Bed
For most people the sensation deep thrusting can be too much and thus only a signal to ejaculate too early.

When you take notice that going too deep is only dragging you to the end, then take a new turn.

Switch to a more shallow insertion. Restrain yourself from going too deep.

Thus the way to go on this one, is to alternate between the deep and shallow to last longer in bed.

6. Pause Method To Last Longer In Bed
What this method entails is that just right when you feel about to ejaculate. Simply just pause!

Wait a minute or so ( while caressing her) before going back to the actual thrusting.

This way the ejaculation is delayed and you would be able to last longer in bed.

7. Numbing Spray To Last Long In Bed
Extra sensitivity of the penis is part of the reason why most men ejaculate too quick and don’t last in bed.

So for most people using numbing spray is the way they have been able to stay agile through the bed business session.

So you can get one for yourself. Make sure you look for a safe one if you chose to walk down this path.

8. Abstain From Meat To Last Longer In Bed
Do you know that by eating meat you automatically reduces your endurance level?

According to this Yale Study vegetarians were discovered to possess more endurance strength when compared to meat eaters.

So its quite simple, just start laying off the meat serving and replacing it with some veggies and your sex life would be happier for it.

9 Slow Pace Thrusting To Last Longer In Bed.
A lot of men enjoy the whole idea of having sex at a very fast pace. To feed their ego of a supposed manliness.

But that could be your own undoing. When you make love with a quicker pace routine. You only succeed in bringing yourself closer to ejaculation.

Learn to take it slow and you would last longer in bed.

In fact create a thrusting combo, where you fast thrust for a certain amount of numbers, let’s say 10 times and then switch to a slow pace thrusting if 15 numbers.

10. Use Foreplay To Last Longer In Bed
Some men want the end result almost too quick, little wonder they ejaculate too quick.

Remember you have a partner to satisfy. Learn to focus on her. Play with her body, bring her closing to climax without other parts of your body.

Only then must you think of penetrating. With this the time you spend would become longer and also it would take little effort from your penis to bring her to orgasm.

So in other words learn to make time for foreplay and when in bed use not just your penis but other parts of your body.

There you have it, the 10 ways you can last longer in bed.

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  1. I have tries them and they all don’t work for me, what do you think i should do

    1. Really?

      If that is the case which is indeed strange, then talk to a medical professional.

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