11 Okra Health Benefits (Okro)


The to be listed here are real and well researched, some of which you just might be ignorant of. Thus the need for this post.

Which an attempt to shed more light on this green plant that is also called “lady’s finger’s”. And if you don’t know already, the name Okra refers to the seedpods.

Are you ready for the okra health benefits, the read on.

1) Okra And Healthy Pregnancy
Do you know that okra contains a large amount of Vitamins A, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, coupled with traces of zinc and calcium.

And is also used as a supplement for both fiber and folic acid.

Which in turn makes it an ideal food for pregnant mothers. Aiding in the prevention of birth defects like Spina Bifida and constipation during pregnancy.

Now this is one Okra health Benefit Pregnant mothers shouldn’t miss out on.

2) Okra And Kidney Disease
Do you know that regular eating of okra can help reduce your chances of getting kidney disease?

According to a 2005 study patients who followed a daily routine if eating okra were able to reduce signs of kidney damage.

3) Okra And Asthma
Eating of okra can help alleviate due to its vitamin C content, an affect that can be derived from eating fruits or vegetables filled with this vitamin.

A medical fact that was buttressed in a study carried out in 2000 in children.

A wonderful okra health benefit for persons like myself.

4) It Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Okra helps with both a good digestive health  and cholesterol level, all thanks to the high amount of fiber it contains.

Its soluble fiber content once in the digestive tract binds with the cholesterols in other foods, excreting it with other wastes.

According to Havard Health Publications this process then leads to a reduction of the cholesterol levels in the body.

Okra does indeed reduce cholesterol.

5) Okra And Diabetes
According to this 2011 Study carried out on rats, in which researchers soaked sliced okra pods in water and then gave rats the solution through a gastric feeding tube — a control group wasn’t fed this solution. The researchers found okra helped reduce the absorption rate of glucose and in turn reduced blood sugar levels in the treated rats.

Meaning that the soluble fiber in okra due to its ability to stabilize glucose levels can indeed help diabetic patients.

6) Immune Booster
The Vitamin C content of Okra aids in the boosting of the immune system. Plus its antioxidant content, both serves as a shield against free radicals in the body.

The vitamin C prods the immune system into creating more white blood cells, which is known to guard against foreign pathogens and diseases.

7) Okra And Anti-Fatigue
Do you find yourself constantly at the verge of almost giving up on your limbs or finding it hard to recover from physical exertions?

Then okra can be of help to you. According to this study both fatigue and recovery time can be improved by okra.

By including okra in your diet, you maybe able to workout longer and recover quicker.

8) Okra And Fiber
One other Okra health benefit is that it contains ample amounts of fiber, a natural source for that matter.

With just 8 medium sized pods one can get 3 grams of fiber in the natural way which according to studies has proven to improve glycemic control and insulin sensitivity.

9) Okra And Vision
As we all know, vitamin A is good for the eyes and this is where okra comes in as a strong natural substitute.

Other antioxidants such as beta carotenes, xanthein, and lutein present in Okra Also helps fight against free radicals. Acting as a fence against macular degeneration and cataracts.

10) Okra And Vitamin K
Another health benefit of okra is to be found in the presence of vitamin K, which it contains.

A vitamin that helps with bone health and blood clotting.

11) Okra And Saturated Fat
Now Okra is that green source of nutrients that shouldn’t frighten you at all when consumed in large amount.

Because Okra contains no saturated or cholesterol.

11) Okra And Skin Health
The presence of Vitamin C in Okra can be considered as a miracle worker because it is cure for many different things.

And in this instance it is that solution you need for some of your skin conditions.

Okra is a sure way to aid in the growth and repair of damaged skin, skin pigmentation and collagen formation.

One of the many okra health benefits that beauticians would definitely find appealing.

A Cup Of Okra Contains
* Over 30 calories
* About 3 grams of dietary fiber
* 2 grams of proteins
* 7.6 grams carbohydrates
* 0.1 grams of fat,
* 21 milligrams of vitamin C,
* Around 88 micrograms of folate,
* 57 milligrams of magnesium

* Frying okra might actually increase the cholesterol levels  (negating the other okra health benefits in a way] in it, it is better to just prepare it through other forms of cooking.

With these various Okra health benefits , I am sure you would make a wise decision with your dietary choices from now on.