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17 Top Blogs

Most people simply just go straight to their favorite blogs and never uses Google search to even look for alternatives.

So today I will try to put together those Nigerian Celebrity blogs that share similarities in their contents.

I am not trying to compare or contrast, my intent is to put before you the alternatives to your regular .

So I guess it would only he appropriate to list the one that has become the number one online gossip destination for Nigerians.

1. Linda Ikeji Nigerian Celebrity Blog

Who does not know the Queen of Nigerian online gossip?

The one site which in my opinion is the best site to visit for hilarious comments.

The comments posted on her Nigerian is enough to entertain you for the entire day.

There you would meet all manner of Nigerians and I bet you, it would leave a mark on your awareness.

2. Bella Naija Nigerian Celebrity Blog

Its hard these days not to put Bella Naija on its own space due to its unique web contents.

Bella Naija Nigerian Celebrity Blog is the first and last when it comes to the beat wedding footage ever.

No blog renders marriage and wedding coverage like them.

For Bella Naija its about quality rather than quantity.

3. Pulse Nigerian Celebrity Blog
The Pulse.ng site is becoming like the next big thing.

I think they are the only ones spending a lot on adverts.

From Google search to FACEBOOK and then to Instagram, you are bound to see their ads.

There on pulse you will get quite the gist.

4. Lailas Nigerian Celebrity Blog
This one share more than one similarity with Linda Ikeji blog.

You get almost the same content form here. Sometimes its hard to say who copied from whom.

But the site is a nice place to get the gossip and gists Nigerians are hungry for.

5. The Net Nigerian Celebrity Blog

This one is another big Nigerian Celebrity Blog that makes exclusive posts.

The have an extensive coverage of entertainment events in Nigeria.

Theirs is not about the gossip but mainly about entertainment news.

6. Daily Post Nigerian Celebrity Blog
Like all the other sites, this one is another site you can visit for the usual does of Nigerian Celebrity gists.

What you get here you will sure get from the other aforementioned Nigerian Celebrity Blogs.

But then there are some posts that are basically their own construct.

7. Tatafo Naija Nigerian Celebrity Blog

Another alternative site for your usual gossip and gists.

On this site you get more of gossips than anything else.

It is indeed a tatafo online joint.

8. Star Gist Nigerian Celebrity Blog
I do visit this one more than any, it has become the Nigerian Celebrity Blog where I go to make comparisons.

Its easy to come across this site on Google search and and it has tons of leadership.

9. Naija Gists Celebrity Blog

With this one, its a constant mixture of politics and celebrity gossips.

Quite the popular blog, with tons of followers and a good Google ranking.

10. Gist Mania Nigerian Celebrity Blog

This one is a huge dumping ground for all kind of gossips.

Believe me when I say you can get exclusives as well as crazy gists on this site.

Its huge, its known and its a site that plans on growing.

11. Entertainment News Nigeria Celebrity Blog

There are exclusive gists to read from this blog. Something new every now and then.

They refresh their site constantly with new posts.

And its basically all about celebrity gossips and .

12. Omg Nigerian Celebrity Blog
I like the design of this site. It boasts of the same redness that defines pulse.ng.

And just like the last site I mentioned, it is about the gossip and and Nigerian news for them.

13. Starsgist Nigerian Celebrity Blog

You can get news on politics, sports and as usual, Nigerian Celebrity gists on this one.

I think this site comes with an extra blend.

14. Naij Nigerian Celebrity Blog
Now I promise you that you would get a load of Nigerian Celebrity gists on this site that are original to them.

They are simply among the top Nigerian Celebrity Blogs out there.

* I think from this point on, its just best to just mention the blogs because at the end of the day, there all offer the same thing.

So no need wasting time, trying to put description to their names.

You catch my drift?

15. 36ng Nigerian Celebrity Blog

16. Busy Singing

17. Buzz Nigeria

So those are the 17 Top Nigerian Celebrity Blogs and they all share similar contents when it comes to Nigeria Celebrity gists.

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  1. Nice list. Didn’t include tori.ng and Stelladimokokorkus…. And Kemi Filani’s blog.. Check this list of top gossip blogs in Nigeria out: http://www.moss9ja.com/2016/11/top-10-gossip-blogs-in-nigeria-2016.html?m=1

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