2 Sexiest Nigerian Celebrities In The Music Game

Sexiest Nigerian Celebrities

2 Sexiest Nigerian Celebrities
are hot but some are hotter than others. But our concern today is with those sexy Celebrities in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Maybe there are others out there who deserve to be mentioned here but at the moment only two qualifies as the most sexiest Nigerian Celebrities in the music space.

The are of PSquare and  Flavour. Both are on top of their game and carries a sexy physique only hard work could have brewed.

Sexiest No 1
Peter Okoye (PSquare)


Now you must count the abs when sexiness must be judged.


A man is considered sexy and handsome when the amount of fat on his body is very little and Peter Okoye Has that attribute.

Sexiest Nigerian Celebrity No 2


This days Flavour has become more bigger, especially round his upper region. With recent pics he has become even bigger than Peter Okoye (PSquare).


His light skin of course is a plus in the handsome department and like Peter Okoye He has the abs proper as well.


Truly these two are the 2 sexiest Nigerians in the music game and I am not just talking, I am stating fact.

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