3 Favorite Nigerian Bald Celebrities


Nigerian Bald , i know is not a phrase you might be familiar with. But yet it is a very relevant phrase.

In the today we have lots and lots of handsome faces with quite expensive swag.

These celebrities don’t play with their hairdo, from braids to well lined haircuts from celebrity barbers.

But then there are few who don’t have the hair for braids or fanciful Mohawks. These few are the ones I have come to group under the phrase Nigerian Bald Celebrities.

While there might be many in the circle, my concern is with those Nigerian Bald Celebrities that are after my heart.

Believe me, even without the hair they are among the most handsome the Nigerian Entertainment industry has to portray.

First on the Nigerian Bald Celebrities list is the iconic Richard Mofe Damijo


He is the crown jewel, the first among many and the perfect example of what it looks like to grow old with age.

Nigerian Celebrity is my favorite Nigerian Entertainer.

He is endowed with the talent and good looks that has made him over the age a personality to command both respect and love.


Second on my list is 2face Idibia, that tall brown sweet looking brother that is packed with a voice and talent that has continued to elevate him on the musical ladder.

He is another Nigerian Bald Celebrity I like and who, without a grain of hair on his head has stayed handsome, more handsome than even those with hair on their head.


The third on the Nigerian Bald Celebrities list is Banky W. That brother who has stayed true to the beard gang ethics since first gracing our television screen.

Not everyone can manage to look this good without hair on their head but these Nigerian Bald Celebrities has proven thus far that being handsome goes beyond the hairy design on one’s head.

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