5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Nose

Nose Picking

1. When you pick your nose, you automatically bring out germs. Which get stuck on your fingers.
From where, through your other interactions, they get spread all over. contaminating your immediate environment.

2. We sometimes pick our noses too hard, to the point where it might begin to bleed. Simply because we have dug too deep with our fingers.
In other words one of the reason why you shouldn’t pick your nose because it might lead to Nose Bleeding.

3. The abrasions caused by picking your nose might create a situation where these abrasions becomes a dwelling place for germs to in. Germs like Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for infections such as abscesses and respiratory infection such as sinusitis are more likely to infect nose pickers. According to a Cambridge University study published in Infection Control and Epidemiology .

4. Nose Picking can also lead to Vestibulitis which as an infection affects the opening of the nostrils. Another infection that it can cause is Folliculitis which is a condition where the hair follicles within the nostrils becomes inflamed.

5. It can damage your nose septum. Which is the partition between your nostrils.

When next you find the urge to pick your nose become the only way out, then please remember to use tissues or handkerchief.

Followed by washing of the hands. It is even safer to wash your hands before starting in the first place.

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