“50Cent A Gay” was That What Vivica Fox Just Called him?



Felix Brambaifa
Does 50Cent Standing Behind Soulja Boy like that makes him a gay! Or was that cover made to make 50Cent a without him even him knowing? The consensus according  to That on that Cover 50Cent was looking like a “ Snatcher” now that’s Vivica Fox call 50Cent a gay. Period.

Soulja Boy who could not just swallow down the insult thrown at him insinuating that himself “soulja boy and 50cent was all gay” up clapped back at Vivica Fox.


50Cent took to to confront the “gay offensive” from Vivica Fox and it still had to do with ass. SMH…


Then came a meme from someone who might also be thinking that “50Cent is gay” and Vivica Fox could help but comment. After all she made the insinuation that “50Cent is Gay”

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