7 Female Nigerian Celebrities Ruling The Music Industry


7 Ruling The Music Industry

7 Female they are whose dominance in the music industry cannot be disputed.

From talent to sensuality their expression of theses qualities has endeared them both to true music lovers and to those who’s aim is to see some celebrity curves or cleavages.

The following are the 6 Female Celebrities that we know are the best in .

  1. Omawumi


The number one female that undoubtedly has captured for her self the apex seat  on the pyramid is no other person but Omawumi.

A true voice, a vocal power that resonates a soul and a deep message. A true African thickness and indeed a fierce lady with no need for nudity to stay relevant.

2. Waje


The Number two female Nigerian Celebrity of my choice is Waje. This one like Omawumi does not deliberately seek attention through nudity.

Her music is soft and sometimes soulful. She is not a drama queen and her voice is a soft rhythmic melody of its own.

3. Tiwa Savage


With all due respect our number three female Nigerian Celebrity on this list is a drama queen or should I say controversy.

Her success in the Nigerian Music industry is not at all because of her voice but because of sensuality and the unrelenting media power of Don Jazzy.

Tiwa Savage is that one female Nigerian Celebrity who does not see anything wrong with a bit too much sexuality on her music.

4. Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade is a force that eventually might take over from a lot of female Nigerian Celebrities in the industry, especially Tiwa Savage.

This thought is formed as a result of her originality, energy, vocal power that surpasses that if Tiwa Savage. And also she does not lay too much emphasis on her sensuality like Tiwa Savage.

While Tiwa is mostly about the sex, romance theme, Yemi Alade vies to more important themes such as motherhood, Africa and the girl child. Powerful lady!

5. Cynthia Morgan


Cynthia Morgan is the crazy one, she is like an original hippie. She cares less about the conventionalities that binds the Nigerian woman.

Not a very good influence if you ask me but her music is pure energy. She brings the reggae feel into the Nigerian music space.

There is originality in what she does and in due time she might be called the queen in her type of music.

6. Seyi Shey


Our number 6 female Nigerian Celebrity is the sweet looking and sex Seyi Shey. This one is a silent combination of the cool,the wild, the talented and my gosh the dancer.

She will grow to rule if she continues on her current path. She is a contemporary of Yemi Alade, so I hope to see them take control one day.

There you have it, the 6 Female Nigerian Celebrities rocking the Nigerian music space.


7. Chidinma


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