Erection Problems: A Mans Life And The Agony Of Weak Erection

Weak Erection

Weak erection one sexual problem that frightens every man, irrespective of age or lifestyle.

Weak erection sometimes is a taboo topic to discuss even among friends and for this reason even when plagued by it, most people hide its existence.

Weak erection is for most people a bringer of shame and fact to prove that they are not man enough and this is where it becomes a serious sexual problem.

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The inability for most men to discuss the presence of in their lives is the reason why this sexual problem lingers more than it should.

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Talking about such sexual problems like weak erection is the first action to take if one must tackle the difficulty on time.

A friend once came up to me and narrated how he had finally gotten the chance to lay with a girl he has been making sexual advances to for months.

It was a good news as far as I was concerned but then he cried out: “my was almost soft as if I was impotent”

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It was clear on his face that it was a situation that brought shame to his person. But then who wouldn’t be ashamed. To have a girl open her legs and at the end of the day be unable to satisfy her.

According to him he could tell that the girl was disappointed.

And it was all because of weak erection.

But unlike many he was able to talk about his sexual problem and that was the start to the solution he needed.

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Weeks later he would go after this same girl and after a night of sex and foreplay he would come back, feeling like a man.

So if you are out there and you are suffering from Weak Erection, drop the shame, seek out a friend, narrate your sexual problem and I bet you, that’s the beginning to your needed solution

Causes Of Weak Erection

1_Masturbation As A Cause Of Weak Erection
One of the evils of over curiosity is that it often leads to an obsession. A lot of guys started with that silent urge to be wrapped up in the pleasure of a woman’s warmth.

But too young to actually actualize their aim, they resort to the easiest means. The means through .

As they languish in their sexual imaginations unknown to them a great evil is been done to their System. An evil that would wreck their manhood and esteem in years to come.

Basically, masturbation is not harmful but whether it remains so is dependent on the frequency with which the masturbation is carried out.

Excessive masturbation overtime can lead to weak or complete cessations of erections, premature ejaculation or bending of the penis.

Too much masturbation can also lead to sexual exhaustion.

2_Pornography As A Cause Of Weak Erection
For most guys their addiction is of twofold. Addiction to masturbation and then pornography and in this case, pornography is like the ultimate command of damnation.

For these guys pornography becomes the substitute for a girlfriend they don’t have. A lover their lack of boldness would never make theirs.

And with the Constance presence of pornography the desire to deplete one’s sperm bank is left unchecked. Thus pornography aids masturbation.

Now that’s just one aspect of pornography as it affects the penis through its constant prodding to masturbate.

The other is……

The real effect is in the brain and not actually the penis.
Culled from Psychology Today

With Internet pornography, Wilson writes “it’s easy to overstimulate your brain.” Specifically, overstimulation brought on by viewing pornography can produce neurological changes—specifically, decreasing sensitivity to the pleasure seeking neurotransmitter dopamine—which can desensitize a person to actual sexual encounters with a partner. These neurochemical changes not only contribute to a person becoming “addicted” to pornography but they can also make it incredibly difficult to abstain from viewing pornography entirel


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