A Woman’s Hidden Tears


A Woman’s Hidden Tears not a myth, it is real as the emotional insults that breaks through their tender hearts.

Basically a is ruled by her emotions, for them, this can be defined as the first rule that governs them.

Thus they and Interpret through their emotional senses. But then, since when did sentiments become a perfect source of facts?

This is where the pain comes from. Because they evaluate events through emotions instead of a rational analysis of events they always come out hurt.

In other words a woman’s hidden tears is caused because she is soft.

A woman begins to cry way way before you see that actual tear drop from her rosy cheeks.

But because a woman wants to be seen as strong, she forces the tears into the corner and let loose only when she reaches the final break down point.

Again a woman’s hidden tears is caused by her desire not to come out as weak even though she is naturally made in that light.

Conclusively, a woman’s hidden tears is what any real man should be on the look out for. To make sure it never gets to that point.

To become as sensitive as the woman he loves or the in his life.

No real man should allow a woman’s hidden tears a constant face on the canvass of life’s experiences.

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