Adulterous Husband Caught by Wife and Dragged Naked, Holding his Penis


By Felix Brambaifa
Most marriages are confronted by adultery. has become for most the only way they could continue pretending in a that no longer matters to them. While for some adultery has become a curse.

Now that’s a man caught in the act of adultery by his wife, who grabs the and holds him at ransom in public. Now this not an ordinary case of adultery, this is a case of a man that has lost control over his sexual urges. According to reports, he was caught banging their 15 year old house help.

His adulterous career is such that other husbands in the same business of adultery would find it easy to stone him. According to the same report the man has been responsible in recent years, for defiling his wife daughters and every young girl his eyes of adultery can fall on. Indeed! This is an adulterous man per excellence.

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