Alexis Arquette Cliams Will Smith And Wife Are Gay’s

Gossip Chef

Indeed when you have enemies, you would definitely get to feel their sting one way or the other. It seems the Smith’s boycott of the has earned them an enemy in the person of a Trans model and actress Alexis Arquette.

Who is now calling the Smith’s GAY.

Now that’s some serious claim and one that is surely going to get uglier as the day passes by.

That is the supposed dude is or rather was banging. Its indeed hard for anyone to actually speak out against something like the Oscar because obviously it brings insinuations and accusations that might ruin its target.

Will Smith and is that black couple that represents more than just glitz but also the black community. To call Will Smith and his wife is just too serious an allegation except one can back it with hard facts.

Alexis Arquette if you really know them to be the gay Couple you think then present your proof.