Felix Brambaifa
is currently under the siege of lies and the manipulations of office seekers. But one truth that is undeniable is that which concerns the mass dislike for the current governor of the state .
This is one man that must have to contend with not only political foes but also the ordinary man on the street who in my honest opinion is yet to tangibly benefit from the restoration government.
Thus, the impression that he be voted out come December. And in the usual sayings of the party, he will be chased out with the broom. That is sweep out of office. But it seems the APC impatiently cannot wait till December before sweeping out all perceived dirt in State, a fact buttressed by APC party members sweeping various places of dumped refuse in the state.


That is a usual sight in Bayelsa state. Dirt spilling onto the various main roads.


But the question now is: is this show of cleansing a sincere intent on the part of the APC party OR just another political stunt to score cheap points?


We pray it isn’t.

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