Basket Mouth And His Daughter’s Daily Routine


One thing I like for as a celeb, should be his commitment to family. As that kid that once had only what the ghetto had to offer, it is only befitting to give his own kids a different standard.

Thus the soft and the daily routine.

Can you imagine the young version of Basket Mouth running up to his dad, drop a mandatory Peck and then leave for school?

Hell no!

Ghetto Kids like Basket Mouth were never given that chance to act soft. To be soft in the ghetto meant one thing: “you are weak” or like they would normally say: “ wrapper”

But its all nice when ghetto kids like Basket Mouth finally makes it in life, leave the ghetto, become famous and have a family. And on top of that have a lovely daughter who must always have her Peck before going to school or else….

Basket Mouth no doubt is fortunate to have his kids live life soft and in a different class. This was what he had to say concerning that Daddy and Daughter peck.


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