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Felix Brambaifa

There is in the land as much as there are talents. Nigeria is one of such places where poverty and talents are co  tenants. And one of its victim is , that talented whose jokes are always bothered on poverty and the ill effects on the Landscape.


That’s BASKETMOUTH , before the wealth and the change of fate that threw him from the grasses to grace that has now made him popular among peers.


This is BASKETMOUTH  and his brother and just by the mere looks of it, it is obvious that poverty was their friend. But then dreams do come through and BASKETMOUTH is an example. The journey since then has seen progress and prosperity and BASKETMOUTH has proved that the journey to success all  starts from the days Before The Fame.


Now see the difference, the Before The Fame picture and the Now Famous Picture. The expression from both says it all, that life Before The Fame was one of uncertainty and want while The Now Famous look speaks of opulence and achievement.

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