Bayelsa Youths “VOTE not Fight” Election No Be War

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Felix Brambaifa

Election violence over the years has seen more expression in the South-South region of than any other place. Thus it expected that another episode of election violence would ensue as the electoral fight between APC and takes a final stand this December.

This election violence as usual is expected to be carried out by youths motivated by the impulse of thuggery and cultism. But to what use is the anticipated show of election violence if all it would do is cause grief even before it is ended?

Thus the cry that youths should shun electoral violence, to “vote not fight” because after all “election no be war”. But despite this call, I fear for a state where cultism thrives and even election matters are tainted by its darkness.

But anyways to prove that we are in a new era of non violent elections, it is hoped that the election in be violent free but with cultism mixed in it all, I wonder how.

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