Between Nigerian Celebrity Iyanya And Flavour Who Is The Sexiest?

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Nigerian Celebrity has shown that he is not at all camera shy. With semi nudity ranging from the mild to the almost….

Nigerian Flavour on the other hand does not seem too desperate in his body display. He just puts it out there and let you be the judge, without any reason for controversy.


Now let us assess Iyanya for a bit and see if he can qualify to be the sexiest Nigerian Celebrity between himself and .

There is a rigidity around Iyanya, too strong to be sexy, especially if we look at sexy as being soft.

The chest is not that defined. Although that’s a mass of muscles earned through effort. Maybe it was the bad pose.

And now the abs, for most people this is were sexiness starts and ends, no matter if you are a Nigerian Celebrity or not.

And it seems even in this area Iyanya still has more packs to add on.


And now comes the analysis of Nigerian Celebrity Flavour. But Should they even be a comparison?

For most people the Skin tone of Flavour gives more shine to his sexiness and for them it has been the core reason he has remained among the top Sexy .

So the assessment of the skin tone is out.

But then, look at his abs, it is more than what Iyanya can boast of.

His chest is well defined and. It clinging to his lower parts.

His arms carries more density than that of Iyanya.

Conclusively I think Flavour is the most sexiest Nigerian Celebrity among the two of them.

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