Bitter Leaf Soup A Necessary Must

bitter leaf soup

Bitter Leaf soup is my favorite soup. But it wasn’t always so. Before then I had Ogbono soup at number one spot.

But now soup has dislodged that once favorite dish. But it is all for a good reason or should i say REASONS!

Bitter Leaf became a favorite when I discovered the many medicinal benefits that it contained.

In fact the of bitter leaf is enough to make a new disciple out of you.

Once I became aware of the health benefits of bitter leaf, I then set out on reap its many benefits.

At first I started making bitter leaf juice, by first washing the leafs and then squeezing them to extract the juice.

Despite the bitterness I would just drink it without remaining a drop.

Soon enough the roots became part of my recipe while the stalk became chewing sticks for me.

Then one day my girl friend introduced me to the bitter leaf soup itself and ever since then I have never looked backed.

Bitter Leaf soup is sweet, and its preparation is quite straight forward.

i also discovered that it was good for the body as the fresh leaf itself, and have experienced it’s cleansing effect as well as stimulation of bowel movement.

Thus the bitter leaf soup has become part of my diet regime. Reaping the health benefits of bitter leaf has never been this easy.

Click HERE to get the bitter leaf soup recipe and how to prepare it the Nigerian way.

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