Black Face In Recent Times

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The name was a hit in itself back in the day when the musical sphere wasn’t as complex and eclectic as today. Blackface was the third part of the plantation bois group that was made up of Blackface, Faze and .


After the group broke up, Blackface still kept making a name for himself. Tracks like “Erema’ was a huge hit and so was Blackface until too suddenly, he was no more. Blackface just simply disappeared from the scene.


When an like Blackface suddenly jumps off the radar, it takes only days and weeks before talks of being broke and into drugs becomes the image of what the name stands for. But sorry to disappoint you because Blackface is healthy, alive and doing well even though he is no longer on the face of the Nigerian music scene.

Maybe one day Blackface would a musical come back. I believe it would be worth it.

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