Brazil Carnival a Dream Most Worth it

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Felix Brambaifa

I have dreams and their manifestation would mark the core of my life’s achievements. And one dream that quite natural to my herosexual nature is to be part of the . The Brazil Carnival is a must visit. The Brazil carnival is one place my love for and all their curves and softness must lead me to.


I believe that the same idea that was behind the creation of Eden and ultimately the magical creation of the and all her natural beauty and endearments is the same idea behind the very existence of the Brazil Carnival. Seriously!

Described by Huffpost

The mesmerising kaleidoscope of glittering costumes, opulent floats and sleek shimmering dancers saw tens of thousands of people at the Rio Sambadrome to cheer on their favourite samba schools and then letting their hair down at the parties that followed thereafter.”


Yes! Many self righteous hypocrites might describe the above as just people caught up in frivolities but seriously the Brazil Carnival is beyond that. It is the haven of beautiful women and the ultimate worship of their lot.


The Brazil Carnival is also a promoter of art, a place where both fashion and dance is inspired by the nudity of the woman. Brazil carnival should be a must visit as there one is certain to find some of the finest ladies that side of the planet and even all over.

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