Burna Boy And The Drama Of Pregnancy

Celebrity Gossip

Celebrities are one of the serious victims of desperate women everywhere. They go for the pleasure and come out wounded.

Burna Boy has become the Topic of recent pregnancy gossips going round websites.

And the rumour has it that he has impregnated a girl by the name Uju who now wants the rude boi to come own up to his responsibilities.

That’s her picture above.

While most people think it is true, I find it hard to believe.

A lot of theses days are gold diggers and this girl might be no different.


Nigerian News websites can sometimes be tactless.  They write without asking questions. So let me do the asking..
* She talked of responsibility and actions…was it just that did the fucking?

*If so she was raped, so why is she not talking of rape instead?


*Hold up! She won’t tell me abortion is a strange concept to her…If Burna Boy was a poor dude would there be all this drama?

Let us all wait and see!