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  • Marijuana And The Many Wonderful Benefits

    The   Marijuana And The Many Wonderful Benefits By Rasta Flames   When you smoke Marijuana people tend to insinuate terrible aftermaths. For them Marijuana cannot possibly possess any good effect but rather induce an hysterical state of mind not different form the confused episodes of the mild to the acute insanity that their biased […]

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  • Is Ebola A Sign of The End Times?


    The By Pen Talks I was surfing through Facebook ( the period Sawyer brought the EBOLA VIRUS into Nigeria) when I came across an update by a female friend. At first glance I instantly became irritated, wondering why some Nigerians are so addicted to the crime of peddling fear, inflicting on the minds of others, […]

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  • HIV Aids Virus In Nigeria


    The Felix Brambaifa Aside the Ebola epidemic that almost tumbled the existence of the African Continent. Aids or HIV has always been the greater menace. HIV as a disease has become an horrible identity of its own. One could get any other sexual disease and be okay with it as long as it is not […]

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  • The Nigerian Electorate


    The The Nigerian Electorate By Felix Brambaifa The Nigerian life is an adventure characterized by a stringent hardship enforced not by the will of God but by that of corrupt men whose uncanny predilection would have easily suited the definition of the bizarre and Devilish. Thus the Nigerian story is basically about the strong will […]