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  • Photos Of The Day


    The Photos Of The Day Photos of the day is usually about sights of things that are beautiful, unusual and sometimes strange. And today’s photos of the day are Nice rite? Now that’s the dwarf of the Lannister house form the game of thrones. I don’t recommend that you paint using this pose. You just […]

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  • I Get Big Cassava


    The I Get Big Cassava For those who really listened and understood the song from Tekno with the title “Pana”. You would have realized that the line “I get big cassava” meant I have big penis. And that’s just that. So yesterday on FACEBOOK someone with a great sense of humour posted the above picture […]

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  • Hope and The Nigerian Student


    The Hope and The Nigerian Student By Pen Talks Graduates abound in Nigeria in a frightful amount but no jobs to put their acquired skills to purposes. It is one fact from which every Nigerian Student cannot escape, one truth that threatens the pillar of our resolve to make a positive difference in Nigeria. As […]

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  • The Nigerian Life


    The The Nigerian Life By Pen Talks In Nigeria today it is simply hard not to fall into the pitfall of generalizations, this is as a result of the semblance of character and mindsets that has become the singular identifier of what many observers now call the Nigerian life. The Nigerian life is undoubtedly a […]

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  • Nigeria And The Era Of Recession


    The Nigeria And The Era Of Recession Most people had never heard of the word recession before, not until the finance minister  Kemi Adeosun brought it to their notice Ever since then, Nigerians have come to realize that as a country and as a people, they have become officially broke. So broke, that feeding themselves […]