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    The Felix Brambaifa To be a blogger is to write about events in whatever form the blogger chooses. But what does it mean to be a NIGERIAN BLOGGER? A NIGERIAN BLOGGER is a NIGERIAN who writes mainly gossips and in its refines form, writes article on important topics. The average NIGERIAN blogger is in it […]

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  • NairaBet and The Nigerian Youth

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    The Felix Brambaifa I remember growing up and saying to myself that I will never gamble nor use my money for such things but when  adulthood came and the Nigerian reality struck, even NairaBet became an option. NairaBet has become the source of income for many and also a source of huge loses for others. […]

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  • The Nigerian Electorate

    The The Nigerian Electorate By Felix Brambaifa The Nigerian life is an adventure characterized by a stringent hardship enforced not by the will of God but by that of corrupt men whose uncanny predilection would have easily suited the definition of the bizarre and Devilish. Thus the Nigerian story is basically about the strong will […]

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  • Nigerian Writer: Chimamanda Adichie Among 2015 Grammy Nominee’s

    The Felix Brambaifa If there is one Nigerian writer who sure has international acclaim then that Nigerian writer is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It seems that acclaim is spilling into the music arena also as it has now been reported that Chimamanda Ngozi is Among nominee’s at this year Grammy’s award event. Olisa TV Writes: Award-winning […]

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  • Doubt

    The DOUBTS I fear a lot I doubt a lot I disbelief a lot Shy I am, a lot Abound in me they are. They sing and dance on my mind, Whispering and laughing in my heart, Numbing me with their effect. They are me. I am them I live them. I act them. How […]

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  • Nigerian Writer: Night Halo

    The NIGHT HALO The night fell upon our huts Like lightning And cascade from the pregnant clouds When the sky was empty and naked Darkness cloaked the earth A secret appearance of dusk-eclipse The moon ventured far Too far to return Like a wandering child lost in life’s wilderness Without a compass The stars take […]