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    Sex and nutrition goes together and this is an undeniable sex fact. Without proper nutrition, ones sexual life can become affected, the quality and quantity of sex drastically reduced. This food items are natural in all regard and are also considered Aphrodisiacs. Dark Chocolate. The first on the list is no other than dark chocolate. […]

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    Sex Facts About Women There are sex facts about teenagers, sex facts about men but my concern today is with the sex facts about women’s clitoris. What other sex facts about women can be more important than that of her clitoris? Personally I think none. Most people are ignorant of the sex facts of women’s clitoris even though their mouth or penis is always there. The following are the sex facts about women’s clitoris That you should know […]

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    Félix Brambaifa Forced by religious hypocrisy man tend to hide his true nature or in the absence of hypocrisy has learnt discipline enough to humble the longings of the flesh but nonetheless beneath the façade lies that primitive craving, not for anything else but for SEX. Consequently so, sex is a priority and I am […]

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  • Sex Facts

    By Felix Brambaifa According to medical reports it is proclaimed that an active sex life is a condition for an increase in libido, which means in simple calculation.. Lots of sex= better sex. It would seem from this medical fact that sex is not just sex but also a process of exercise, from which like […]

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    Felix Brambaifa A lot of women are pretenders when it comes to sex. It is one issue they rather discuss in the closet with their friends than be vocal about it no matter the circumstances. They want it but won’t admit it. They would give anything to have it in secret and would also do anything to paint a different picture in public. For most of them sex is a taboo topic and those females bold enough to talk about sex and their […]

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  • Poor Men and Sex

    Felix Brambaifa When it comes to sex there is no monopoly to the matter. Sex is a natural event, one that all men have been ordained to have full privilege of. But according to some people it is their opinion that some persons should not be allowed to express their natural rights towards the achievement […]