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    The Types of kiss By Mr Bum Bum · French kiss….This is what one does when kissing involves more of tongue contact. It is most times called tongue kiss or pen-mouthed kiss. · Butterfly Kiss….This is executed when while kissing the lashes are used against each other, when the lashes are brought together they are […]

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    The Felix Brambaifa A lot of women are pretenders when it comes to sex. It is one issue they rather discuss in the closet with their friends than be vocal about it no matter the circumstances. They want it but won’t admit it. They would give anything to have it in secret and would also do anything to paint a different picture in public. For most of them sex is a taboo topic and those females bold enough to talk about sex and […]

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    The Photo:WebMD Impotence  is a shameful male disease which most men rather conceal than seek the expert advice from a doctor. But impotence is not at all a strange disease but a common one that affects not just the old but also the young, it is characterised by the inability to attain sufficient erection or […]