Celebrity Blog: 9th Wonder On Jay Z Blue Print Album


Celebrity Blog: On Blue Print

The Jay Z Blue Print has made its 15 years in these past hours and people are making comments.

Here us what 9th Wonder Has to say:

“Sampling is dead”. A conversation I had with someone back in the summer of 2001, after I played them “Whatever You Say” by Little Brother,  insisting that sampling was out the door.  My 50 dollar per beat days.  At the time sampled beats were reserved for backpack,  ,  Rawkus kinda producers and their fans.  Your Dillas, Madlibs, Hi-Teks,  and many others continued to chop up records and dig for grooves,  while producers such as Mannie Fresh and were becoming more conscious about sampling laws and publishing.  For mainstream listeners,  Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” brought sampling back to forefront.  Music is like food,  you become what you consume,  and,  you forget sometimes that certain things taste good,  IF you can find it.  Bink, Just, and Ye did just that….laid the sound bed for Jay to tell the most vivid stories, while at the same time,  giving a lot of people what they thought was gone.  15 years ago. Today.

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