Celebrity Blog: Fat Joe Denies Criticizing Kaepernick


Celebrity Blog: Denies Criticizing Kaepernick
Some days back most of us were amazed to hear that Fat Joe Criticizes Kaepernick For Protesting National Anthem

But today the feed we are getting from Joe Himself through a live video posted on his page claiming otherwise.

According to Fat Joe, he would never do a thing like thing.

He had posted the video with the following caption.

Earlier today one of my friends told me that I had tweeted something against people protesting their beliefs. I’m so busy I have a social media team that helps me and one of them took it upon himself to think he’s fat joe and say something I would never say about social injustice. I call it how I see it every time. see my full response on my .

You can head over to his FACEBOOK account and get the full statement.
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