Celebrity Blog: Flavour, The Gym And A Message For His Obese Fans


Celebrity Blog: , The And A Message For His Obese Fans

A lot of people admire and follow but most times it is for the wrong reasons.

And because of these wrong reasons they emulate the wrong values.

But being a fan of should go beyond just mere admiration.

Take a look at him and follow him in areas that would benefit you.


You are obese and he is not, he goes to the gym always and you hardly lift yourself off the sofa.

Make attempt to be like him not just in the area of mimicking his voice and song but taking on the habit of exercising.

He wants you to go beyond the singing, he wants you to go to the gym also.

That why he keeps posting those images of chiseled muscles on his page.

Not to taunt you but to inspire you.

To burn those fats on your body.

When next you are nodding to his songs and you are still obese, remind yourself that flavour also means looking physically good.

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