Celebrity of The Week: The Different Faces of Jason Derulo

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Felix Brambaifa

When a is not your favorite or their genre of does not fall into your taste, we tend to look elsewhere and then fail to comprehend the sexiness of that celebrity.

One celebrity that has recently come to my notice is . He is handsome, sexy and has a good voice but yet he is hardly mentioned by my peeps. So here I am showcasing Jason , the celebrity singer with the muscled body to my female peeps who like such sights.


Six packs or abs can never get more toned than that, which proves Jason Derulo is one healthy celebrity who knows the benefit of constant gym sessions.


He is no doubt powerfully sexy, with dem beards an all…


Studio sessions don’t have to be all business as usual, if some hotness can be added to it and Jason Derulo who is my pick for Celebrity of The Week, does know bring it on.