Charly Boy’s Message To Linda Ikeji On Her Birthday


Charly Boy‘s Message To On Her Birthday

The queen of blogging is plus one again and always many are celebrating her.

But one my attention got fixes on, was and his message to Linda Ikeji on her .


Dearest Linda,

Today is your birthday, and I rejoice with all who love and admire you.

Since I have known you, you have always been a focused and tenacious young lady, in you I see a lot of me. Many of life’s failures have always been people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up, but you have remained tenacious and focused. Like I have always said, courage is not just having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.

You are a very special person, I know, because it takes one to know one.

I don’t know if you are celebrating today or not, but trust me, I be celebrating in my hide out with my virgins who are also your number one fans. Hopefully I will catch up with you before the end of the week. Make sure you keep my special piece of cake for me, no stories.

Just to say thank you for inspiring millions of Nigerian youths in chasing their dreams and never quitting on themselves. Thank you for being a blessing to so many lives. I have watched you with your parents and your close friends, your caring spirit your compassion, your love to those you care for.

You have grown through the years into a wiser, beautiful and a fantastically correct CEO. More power to you.

Love You.

AREAFADA, CharlyBoy.

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