Father impregnates 16 Year Old Daughter


When a commits sexual taboos he might be excused on the ground of being childish and with hope for better tomorrow, believed that would come. But when an adult commits same there is no more room for such excuses because he is no longer a child and no amount of years would change the sexual perversity resident in him.


This can best describe the case of Segun, a 45 year old man who has defiled both logic and custom by impregnating his only daughter. A JSS 2 student in Igbeti Oyo State. It all started in December 1, 2013 at the Gboro Compound Igbeti, the period when the suspect had demanded his daughter come stay with him, before now the victim was staying with her mum, whom her dad had divorced 13 years earlier.

  It was revealed that the sordid act started one fateful night when Segun demanded the daughter to undress, a request she refused but later obliged when her father threatened her with a cutlass, raping her despite the pains of her virginity.

The continual rape forced the girl to confide in her step mum but the shame from such act would not allow the step mum address the matter as it should have.

According to the Victim.

“I was living with my
mother until 2013 when my father asked me to come
and live with him. On December 25, 2013 my father
woke me up and asked me to remove my clothes but I
refused. He drew a cutlass and threatened to kill me if
I didn’t do his bidding. I removed my clothes and he
forcefully had sex with me. He was the first man to
sleep with me because I had never had sex before
then. I reported the ugly incident to one of his two
wives who is a nurse and she promised to ask him but
I don’t know whether she asked him or not.
“In March 2014, he did the same thing again and I ran
to the house of his second wife and reported to her.
She asked me to swear to an oath with the Bible but I
refused since I knew I was speaking the truth. I started
sleeping in her apartment. In April, he came and asked
me to return to his apartment to do some things for
him but I refused to go. His second wife, however, put
pressure on me to answer my father’s call as he
wanted me to do some things for him at home. I
followed him after much pressure.
“During Easter celebration on April 18, 2014 he had sex
with me again. All this while I didn’t know I was
pregnant because I had my last menstruation in
December 2013. My stepmother suspected that I was
pregnant and took me to a clinic at Igbeti where a test
showed I was pregnant.”

“The case
was reported at the police station on April 30, 2014 and
I started living with my paternal grandfather. I was
taken to General Igbeti, where my mother
pleaded with the doctor to abort the pregnancy, but
the doctor said he would not do it. After I delivered the
and my grandmother was told the baby looks like
father, my father ran away.”

She explained further: “When the pregnancy was
confirmed, the Divisional Police (DPO) and the
Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) were the ones who
purchased the baby clothes and other things needed.
They also paid the hospital bill. I am appealing to the
public to come to my assistance and help me finish my
education. I am in JSS 2.”

The suspect has now been remanded in prison and the case which is before the Chief Magistrate Court at Kisi presided over by Chief Magistrate Usman Isiaku has being adjourned to October 24, 2014.

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