Child Abuse: Pastor Sexually Abuses a Girl Child of 12

Child abuse

Felix Brambaifa
The seriousness of cannot be excused, no matter the context or the offender. is a crime in the legal area as well as in the quarters of religion and morality.

But it can be more shocking and depressing when the offenders come with appellations and the sort of responsibility that must brook no indecency. From this kind of offenders child abuse becomes more pronounced, a wickedness.

Somewhere in Edo state in Nigeria a whose moral compass has embrace a serious declivity has confessed to a most heinous kind of child abuse-the rape of a 12 year old girl, daughter to his neighbour and friend.

According to his confession, Friday Uwem, a 38 year old pastor had lured the innocent to a farm yard in Okokwo village, where he then raped her,perpetrating a form of child abuse all parent has learnt to fear.

With the fear of death instilled in the child’s mind, the pastor went free and unnoticed only for a while but then the unwanted happened when the child was discovered to be pregnant by her parents, who afterwards forced out the truth and has since informed the police in Benin city.

The pastor has being arrested but is that enough a compensation for this gruesome act of child abuse? Will the girl ever be free from the.  Sordid images and horror this act of sexual child abuse has inflicted on her mind?

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