Child Abuse in Nigeria




Felix Brambaifa
There poverty in the land and for this reason there exist a phenomenon, called child labour ( child abuse) but no matter the perspective one chooses to view the issue from, it is one form of that should be resisted not just by the victims (on their own the effort is nothing) but by the joint efforts of all in the community wherein this wickedness perpetrated is silently being consented to by all because we do nothing tangible to thwart its expressions.
labour is child and it is in every place a pain to the heart. For no human being can witness the suffering of a child and be moved not to compassion, unless it be a mind, brute and savage at the same time.
Child abuse is a norm in Nigeria. We see it everyday, 90 percent of the Nigerian population can claim experience of it and it has been said that, our constant involvement with it has so much distorted our mind to the point where we think “if we went through it .others should” or “its one of those things in life. They survive child abuse.
But how can anyone survive child abuse when the damage is sometimes so lodged deep down in our breast that the notions of fear and hate becomes a psychological pattern from which there is no freedom and to which we are forever victims, abnormal to the required taste of Normal social interactions. The child abused will eventually grow up to abuse the society as a whole. There is no escape from this. Which consequently means that society itself would have to suffer from child abuse. Thus we are all victims to this abnormally.
Child abuse is one of the dysfunctional pillars of the Nigerian society. Unless it be salvaged and repaired to an higher standard the nation will continue on her moral, social and political declivity. From which only disorder and anarchy can be derived.
The child is the seed of any civilisation and every civilisation is dependent on that child whose childhood was protected from abuse and so, grows up into a decent mind, desperately motivated towards the purpose of making his or her society decent. As it is inside so it will be expressed outwardly. The decay in the Nigerian society is merely a reflection of that which is resident in the minds of her people. Protect the child from abuse and the society, her laws and aims will themselves not come to abuse.

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