Child Abuse: Man Beats Son to Death



The abundance of wickedness is undoubtably the pathway to destruction and this can only be the reason behind the incident which was reported to have occurred in agege area of state where a man (guardian) was reported to have beaten a 12 year old boy to death for stealing one thousand .
He was pounced on by his guardian and in the process slumped and died. After which his corpse was hidden. It was the curiosity of neighbors who suspected that all was not well after discovering the absence of the victim whose name was mbanozo that revealed the truth of the situation. According to an eye witness report “At first , the told
us that the boy fainted and was rushed to the .
Later she said he had been discharged and was inside.
When we insisted on seeing him , they said he was
sleeping. Some people suspected all was not well with the
boy when the the couple still insisted that the boy was
still sleeping the following day. It was when we insisted on
seeing the boy that she opened up, disclosing that
Mbanozo was dead and that her husband had gone to
get a car that would take the corpse to the village.
While we were waiting for her husband to return, he
called his wife on the and told her to pack her
things out of their apartment and leave with their three
children. We stopped her from packing and followed
her to a beer parlour where her husband was waiting
for her and contacted the police” what a cruel world.

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