Chloe Goin Sues Bill Cosby, Calls him a “Serial Rapists”



Felix Brambaifa
The fame of it seems would be drained before his stay on this earth is complete as yet another female has decided to sue the entertainer for sexual molestation under the influence of a date drug.
who said she met Bill Cosby at the mansion in 2008, claimed she was molested by Bill Cosby against the will of her sanity.
According to her views on Bill Cosby’s history of recent lawsuits for rape she declared:

” The nature of these activities
establishes a history of a serial rapist that has been conducting these horrendous activities against
women for over the last 40 years . ”

According to TMZ:

She says she woke up naked in a room with Cosby who was at the end of the bed biting one of her toes . Goins claims Cosby quickly left the room when he noticed she was awake .

The case is now under review by the LA District Attorney .

Chloe is asking for more than $75 ,000 in damages .

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