Cure Pile Naturally with Scent Leaf

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Cure pile with scent leaf not just a line that suddenly popped into my head but one that is motivated by a good reason.

It was the early part of this year, during my stay in Ekiti State, AISEGBA to be precise that I became infected by pile.

As you can imagine cure pile became my utmost concern. For more than a week I suffered the pain in silence.

I could not defecate, and when I try too much, I swear the pain and the blood that came with it was enough to make a brother become spiritual.

Although it was my fault (drinking and finishing a big tin of Milo and in three days) I still had to ask God why! And also in that pain asked Him for grace to cure pile.

After a week of suffering, I grew bold and related my ordeal to a Yoruba male in my compound.

He smiled and then said ” Corper chop scent leaf”

And that was it!

I went straight for the nearest scent leat plant and like an hungry goat chew up to 15 pieces of the scent leaves. I consumed more later in the day also.

Later in the night I was awoken by a strong bowel movement and the rest was history.

Yes! Just the chewing of did for me what drugs couldn’t.

Try it and you be amazed.

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