DMX, A Shadow Of His Old Self

Celebrity Gossip

Music is but when it is abused it becomes a curse. The lives of celebrities all over are tied to this truth and our example for this is DMX.

He was the top dog, he had the media and the fans and he was a star and in all its rights but he abused it and was cursed by it.

DMX as a celebrity is a shadow of his old self, a fragment of what remains and is begging to be resuscitated.

Drugs, lack of proper investments and multiple Baby mama‘s made sure dropped from his high status into becoming almost a nobody.

But we hope his soon to be released album makes the needed rounds and save him from himself. Take him to his former heights and hopefully we don’t get to see him in a picture with the likes of Puff Daddy and just have to lament: “HOW COME DMX LOOKS THIS MISERABLE”