Eddie Murphy Expecting his 9th Child by Girl Friend Paige Butcher


Felix Brambaifa

The 54 years old father of Bria, 25, Miles, 22, Shayne, 21, Zola, 15, and Bella, 13, with ex-wife .
Eric, 26, with Paulette McNeely,
25, with Tamara Hood, eight-year-old daughter Angel with former Spice Girl singer Mel B ready to welcome his 9th with his three years girl friend and model Paige Butcher come may 2016.

According to what an insider told Mail Online:

“Eddie really is a family man and loves all of his children, so he’s so excited about having another one on the way. Even though he has eight children by four different , they all come together on holidays and for sporting events and hang out at his mansion as one big blended family.
All of the children love each other dearly and the women, having all moved on with their own relationships, co-exist very well together.”

Good for him.

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