Emir of Kano And The Portrait of Royalty


Emir of And The Portrait of Royalty

In this era and time when indigenous royalty almost extinct, from the remains of the Northern Kingdoms comes a case for Royalty.

And it is all for the relics of the Kano Emirate.

According to Wikipedia:
The Kano Emirate was a religious state inNorthern Nigeria, the Emirate was formed in 1805 during the Fulani jihad, when the oldHausa Sultanate of Kano became subject to the Sokoto Caliphate. During and after the colonial period the powers of the emirate were steadily reduced.

Although greatly reduced, it is still a force for both a religious and cultural philosophy that would always be the core of Northern .

And in our time, that ancient stool of royalty is being represented by Sanusi, the reigning Emir.

And from him comes this portrait of royalty that does justice to the Emirate.

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