Entertainment News: Amber Rose Gets 1Million From Wiz Khalifa + Jason Derulo’s New Looks

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Entertainment News: To Get 1 Million


We all know about the since distant existence between Amber Rose And but they were never officially divorced or rather had a settled .

But now that divorce official and settled but the puzzling thing about it is that Amber gets 1 million under the Prenup that was signed before they got married.

Now that’s how these whores gets paid.

It doesn’t make sense at all that with all this cry of feminism and the female cry to equality they still would be dependent on a man’s hard earned money.

Entertainment News: Jason Derulo’s New Looks


Of course change is the most constant thing in life and in it is the crux of the matter.

Jason Derulo has embraced a new look and one cannot help but wonder why.


Wonder why of all the possible looks he could have crafted he had chosen the one with the Chinese hairdo.

Like those ancient Chinese folks in Samurai flicks.


But then an entertainer is entitled to a certain privilege of the absurd.