Entertainment News And Rumour Mongering In Nigeria

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Entertainment News
in Nigeria today has become a hub for insane gossips, which sometimes borders on pure wickedness.

For instance last week of and Tiwa Savage having marital chaos almost engulfed the entire Nigerian social media space.

One thing that immediately became obvious, was the eagerness of majority News website to write on the matter without verification.

And even worse, most of these sites suddenly became judges of morality, as some became advocates for either Teebillz or .

The trend still continues, and I wonder why.

We all love the occasional gossips but the pains and marital disasters of other people, celebrities or not should not become entertainment news.

There is nothing entertaining about the pains and grief of people. It is nothing but sadness at best.

Nigerian Entertainment News Websites should make efforts to filter their blog posts through the sieves of empathy and compassion, for we are all humans after all.

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