Entertainment News: Elton John Sued For Sexual Harassment

Entertainment news

Age it seems does nothing at all to a raging drive, a fact to be obtained from the case brought against .

The suit coming from Sir Elton John’s ex body guard Jeffrey Wenninger who is now claiming that Sir Elton John had made attempts to grab his genitals on three different occasions in 2014.

According to TMZ
Jeffrey Wenninger says 3 alleged incidents went down in 2014. In the suit , Wenninger says he and Elton were in a car together when Elton put his hands in Wenninger ‘ s pants . He says Elton attempted to grab his genitals and put his fingers between Wenninger ‘ s butt cheeks.
According to the suit , Elton then told him to ” Get your todger out ” and “say hello to Uncle Elton . “

This is nasty.


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